Python scripts (2.x) to manage netCDFfiles and to plot different kinds of figures using data kept in netCDF files.

Scripts use python's matplotlib and netCDF4 libraries. Additionally some functions use some specific Fortran based libraries developed on purpose for the case.

Climate Data Operators (CDO) are very powerful tools but it only properly works if files are CF-compilant. netCDF Operator (NCO) are also very versatile and powerful, but they can not do everything. Thus, one faces sometimes to process netCDF files via a sort of mixing of both tools and it is almost impossible to add new capabilities to them. Ferret is quite a useful tool, but its quick characteristics limit the output which at the same time it is in a low quality and GNUplot does not read netCDF. When one is working with multiple models highly appreciates a single tool to work with their output. PyNCplot attempts to facilitate the research throughout two main goals:
  1. Manage all day-base needs for netCDF files from an unique platform, in this case, python based
  2. Obtain an 'easy' to use tool to plot figures, in this case, python based
It encompass different capabilities for different tasks: All scripts are available from a repository hosted by `Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique' (LMD):

     $ svn co PyNCplot
Do not forget to keep updated via sub-version

     $ svn up PyNCplot
There are several python tutorials, just to add more basic ones: Shan's python course, IPSL Boot Camp This web page will be always `underconstuction' as far as there are still some new operations/graphics to add, or to finish to document all the existing ones

Lluís, October 2016